Oyster mushroom XL mushroom log


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XL oyster mushroom logs are large, about 25 in diameter, 40 cm long logs already inoculated with oyster mushroom mycelium. From these logs you can go mushroom picking several times a season for 4-5 years. Be sure to bury at least 2/3 of the mushroom pack in the ground.

Oyster mushroom is a very tasty mushroom that is quite firm, has a nice mushroomy smell and is not slimy. It does not need to be blanched, but can be put directly into pans, sauces, stews. The best is oyster mushrooms breaded like schnitzel, then it even looks a bit like chanterelles.

More detailed instructions will be included in the package. Oyster mushroom log maintenance guide.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 42 cm
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