Sheathed woodtuft, 30 dowels


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Sheathed woodtuft (Kuehneromyces mutabilis) is a very tasty mushroom when fresh and beautiful when marinated. He does not need to be pampered. The cap is 3-7cm in diameter. Only the caps are edible, the legs are tough. It is used to make soups, sauces and meat dishes.
Sheathed woodtuft grow in the wild in Estonia as a dense clump on deciduous trees and especially on the stumps or flat trunks of birches. It grows from May to November, but masses in September. A deadly fungus in the wild that is very similar to it is the Galerina marginata. However, the Galerina marginata likes coniferous and mixed forests and usually grows on conifers and one by one. Sheathed woodtuft grows typically in large clumps with ten to twenty caps together.

The product comes with an instruction manual, available here:

Inoculation of the mushroom dowels

Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm
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