Enokitake 30 dowels+wax


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ENOKITAKE or wood-oak mushroom is a very tasty winter mushroom with a small cap.

In the wild, enokitake grows in areas with moderate temperatures, including. also in Estonian thickets, on stumps and living deciduous trees (willows). The fruiting bodies appear during cold weather, at temperatures of 4-13°C. A fungus beard can freeze and continue to grow after thawing.
As a cultivated mushroom, its appearance may differ from that in the wild. The appearance of the mushroom is influenced by the CO2 content and the amount of light. In mushroom cultivation, Enokitaket is grown in jars with a high collar around it, forcing the mushroom to grow a long leg and a small cap as it grows towards the light.
Enokitaket is also grown on rapidly decomposing and softer stumps and waste paper. Intensification of growth can be achieved by banging the stalk against the ground.

The product comes with an instruction manual, available here:

Infection of the mushroom dowels

Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 cm
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